Chapter 6: Cultural Theory and Material Culture

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Chapter 6: Cultural Theory and Material Culture
  1. Anthropology: the scientific study of the physical, social, and cultural development of man
    1. Cultural Anthropology: Deals with the analysis of social life and the relationship that exists between culture and personality
      1. Linguistic Anthropology: focuses upon language
        1. Archaeology: Studies the past, by using ancient artifact
        2. Culture
          1. a set of thing, practices. Concerned with the production and exchange of meanings, between members of a society.
            1. Clotaire Rapaille
              1. Culture can be thought of as a series of codes that we learn while we grow up and that shapes our behavior in many different areas
                1. "imprints" at an unconscious level, shapes attitudes towards things we buy or own
                2. Culture Code
                  1. Every artifact reflects certain national, cultural or subcultural attitudes and values that have been imprinted on young children growing up in a given culture
                3. Grid-group theory
                  1. the objects and services that we buy or possess are culturally defined as being tied to our lifestyles
                    1. Elitist
                      1. Individualist
                        1. Egalitarian
                          1. Fatalist
                          2. Shapes our behavior as consumers
                            1. Individuals in all societies have decided who they are and what they should do
                              1. Applies to shopping and purchasing things
                                1. Shopping: a struggle to define now one is but what one is not
                              2. Myths: sacred narratives that shape cultural values and behavior
                                1. Characters are gods, heroes, and mystical beings, plot is about origin of things, metaphysical events in human life, world is juxtaposed against real world
                                  1. Mircea Eliade
                                    1. Myths help shape culture, they are camouflaged and unrecognized informing our behaviors and reason of purchase
                                  2. Mark Gottdiener
                                    1. Cultural Studies
                                      1. Cultural objects that are produced by industrial process
                                        1. A set of institutions that produce and distribute such objects on a large scale
                                          1. Collectivity(res) or social groups
                                            1. "Mass Cultural Object" include everything from perceptual products yo highly subjective experiences
                                              1. "Mass Cultural Forms" found in the means by which these objects are produced and distributed
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