Biology the nervous system

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Biology the nervous system
1 sense organs detect stmuli
1.1 stimuli is a change in your environment
2 5 different sense organs-ears,eyes,nose,tonge&skin
2.1 all contain diff receptors-are groups of cells which are sensitive to a stimulus. they change stimulus energy into electrical impulses.
2.2 a stimulus could be light,sound,touch,pressure,pain,chemical or a change in position or temperature.
3 5 sense organs&receptors
3.1 eyes-light receptors-sensitive to light&cells have nucleus,cytoplasm&cell membrane(like most animal cells)
3.2 ears-sound receptors-sensitive to sound-also balance receptors to changes in position
3.3 nose-smell receptors-sensitive to chemical stimuli
3.4 tounge-taste receptors-sensitive to bitter,sour,salt&sweet&savoury things-chemical stimulus
3.5 skin-sensitive to touch,pressure,pain and temp change
4 sensory neurones-nerve cells carry signals as electrical impulses from the recpeptors in the sense organs to central nervous system
5 Relay neurone-nerve cells carry signals from sensory Neurones to motor neurones
6 motor neurones-nerve cells carry signals from central nervous system to effector muscles or glands
7 Effectors
7.1 respond in diff ways. muscles contract in response to a nervous impulse, whereas glands secrete hormones
8 Central Nervous System(CNS)
8.1 coordinates a response
8.2 all info from sense organs is sent&where reflexes &actions are coordinated.
8.3 consists of brain&spinal chord only.
9 neurones(nerve cells) transmit info(as electrical impulses)very quickly to&from CNS instructions from CNS are sent to the effectors(muscles&glands) which respond accordinly.
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