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GCSE J276- Comp 1 (Topic 1- Systems Architecture) Mind Map on The CPU, created by Laura Ridley on 02/10/2017.

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  1. Components of he CPU
    1. Arithmatic and Logic unit(ALU)
      1. The ALU carries out calculations and makes decisions on the data sent to the processor. This is where the computer processes data either by manipulating it or acting upon it. It consists of two parts.
        1. Arithmetic part- Which does exactly what you think it should- It performs the calculation on the data.
          1. Logic part- This deals with logic and comparisons. For example, it works out if one value is greater, less than or equal to another.
        2. Control unit (CU
          1. Registers
            1. MAR
              1. MDR
                1. Program Counter
                  1. Accumulator
                2. Factors that affect the performance of the CPU
                  1. Number of cores
                    1. Single core
                      1. Quad core
                        1. Dual core
                        2. Type of processor
                          1. CISC
                            1. RISC
                            2. Clock Speed
                            3. Fetch, Decode, Execute
                              1. Fetch
                                1. Data is fetched from the MDR register
                                  1. It is quicker to access data stored in the registers than to access main memory RAM
                                    1. BUT... If the data is not in main memory it needs to request data from secondary storage which is much slower
                                2. Decode
                                  1. Execute
                                  2. The purpose of the CPU is to process data
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