Ingles II

Manuel Mendez
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Manuel Mendez
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Generalidades del curso ingles Ii

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Ingles II
  1. Starting information
    1. course agenda
      1. course presentation
        1. how to navigate in the classroom
          1. Duties and rights
            1. course news
              1. course general forum
              2. Knowledge environment
                1. course syllabus English level II
                  1. Unit 1: Givin advice
                    1. Unit 2: Getting a job
                      1. Glossary
                      2. collaborative learning
                        1. collaborative learning teacher's monitoring
                          1. sinchronous assessment by webconference
                            1. synchronous support by skype
                            2. learnig strategy development
                              1. act. 1 Recognition task forum
                                1. act. 3 writing task forum
                                  1. act 5 speaking task
                                2. practice learnig
                                  1. guide for the development of the practical component
                                    1. learnig by interacting
                                    2. academic news
                                      1. laboratory scheduling
                                        1. programs and tuitions
                                          1. students network
                                            1. unique aplication format
                                              1. students services
                                                1. unad services
                                                  1. user care system
                                        2. saber pro icfes
                                          1. investigation management system
                                        3. monitoring and evaluation
                                          1. E-portafolio
                                            1. intermediate evaluation
                                              1. final evaluation
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