Domestic Chores

Noilyn Salazar
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Noilyn Salazar
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Domestic Chores
  1. Bedrooms
    1. Make the bed
      1. Sort the bedroom
      2. Bathroom
        1. To wash the bathroom
        2. Balcony
          1. Water the plants
            1. To sweep stairway
              1. Sort the recycling
                1. Mop the stairways
                2. Garaje
                  1. wash the car
                    1. Sweep the garage
                    2. Living Room
                      1. To clean the windows
                        1. Do the dusting
                          1. Sweep the floor
                            1. To vacuum the loveseats
                              1. Dust the bookcase
                                1. Polish the furniture
                                2. Kitchen
                                  1. Take out the garbage
                                    1. Cook
                                      1. To wash the dishes
                                        1. to clean the stove
                                        2. Dinning Room
                                          1. To clean up the table
                                            1. To lay the table
                                            2. Laundry Room
                                              1. To iron
                                                1. To wash clothes
                                                2. Outside the home
                                                  1. Do the shopping
                                                    1. To make bank payment
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