History of Medicine: The Key Factors

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History of Medicine: The Key Factors
1 War
1.1 Florence Nightingale cleaning hospitals
1.2 Pare inventing new tools and techniques
1.3 Romans earn money
1.3.1 Funding for Public Health
2 Luck
2.1 Fleming's discovery of Penicillin
3 Science and Technology
3.1 The Printing Press
3.1.1 Knowledge spreads faster
3.2 Microscope
3.3 Roman Public Health systems
3.4 Vaccines
3.5 Industrial Rev.
3.5.1 Surgical tools
4 Individuals


  • See the Key Individuals mind map.
4.1 Hippocrates
4.2 Galen
4.3 Vesalius
4.4 Harvey
4.5 Pare
4.6 Chadwick
4.7 Jenner
4.8 Fleming
4.9 Snow
4.10 Nightingale
4.11 Koch
4.12 Pasteur
4.13 Curie
5 Teamwork
5.1 Florey & Chain
5.2 Vesalius used students to draw diagrams for his books
6 Attitudes and Beliefs
6.1 Religion slowing progress
6.1.1 "Disease was God's punishment"
6.2 Jenner's vaccination
6.2.1 People thought they'd start turning into cows from cowpox injections!
6.3 Challenging Galen and Hippocrates
6.3.1 Vesalius's anatomy discoveries
6.3.2 Harvey's circulation discoveries
6.3.3 The 4 Humors Theory discredited by Germ Theory
6.3.4 Many ideas stayed around until late Middle Ages!
7 Government
7.1 Roman Public Health
7.2 The NHS
7.3 Enforcing measures during plague
7.4 Medical education
8 Know something that needs adding? Please let me know, this is only a quick way of putting down what I know! I'm sure there is plenty I have missed.
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