Great Britain

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Great Britain
1 The British Empire
1.1 The largest empire in the history
1.1.1 Large areas of North America, Australia, Africa and Asia
1.2 How did it become so big?
1.2.1 It's army and navy
1.2.2 Rapid technological advances
1.3 Motives behind Britain's expansion
1.3.1 trade
1.3.2 economics
1.3.3 politics
1.3.4 ambition
1.3.5 religion
1.3.6 adventure
2 Tradition an Change
2.1 Queen Elizabeth II
2.1.1 Head of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2.1.2 represent the country
2.1.3 signs all bills before they become law
2.2 constitutional monarchy governed by a parliamentary system
2.2.1 monarch holds no real politic power
2.2.2 the role of parliament House of Commons House of Lords
2.3 devolution
2.4 Monarchy makes the UK seem backward
2.5 Monarch is very expensive
2.5.1 But the monarchy attracts huge numbers of visitors to the UK
3 countries
3.1 England
3.2 Scotland
3.3 Wales
4 The UK
4.1 North developed differently from the South
4.2 devolution
4.3 UK only joined the EU in 1973 because they feard to lose the sovereignty of the nation state
4.3.1 Brexit in 2016
4.4 Commonwealth
4.4.1 association of 54 nations
4.5 Great Britain + Northern Ireland
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