Diminishing analytical thrust in our teams

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An A3 to describe the problem of our teams loosing the analytical thrust and suggesting ways and measures to regain it

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Diminishing analytical thrust in our teams
  1. Few Examples
    1. W&S offer went begging
      1. SW TL articles offer went unanswered
        1. No TL idea generated from our team
          1. General unawareness of current trends
          2. Root causes
            1. Lack of bandwidth
              1. Lesser inclination and motivation to go above and beyond
                1. Lagged effect of hiring policy
                  1. Directions indicating laying focus on 'bread and butter' work
                    1. Countermeasures
                      1. Coaching
                        1. Explore ways to coach from non-USPF members or S&P colleagues
                          1. Broaden the vision
                            1. Indicate the need to think beyond the obvious
                            2. Current coaching practice is not working as desired
                            3. Effective capacity utilization
                              1. Having follow-up sessions on market related topics
                                1. Hiring top talent (as far as feasible)
                                2. Lack of proper coaching
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