Context- Frankenstein

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Context- Frankenstein
1 Old Testament Reference
1.1 Monster can be identified with Adam, in that he is a new creation.
1.2 Also be identified with Satan in that he turns against his creator
1.3 Frankenstein= Satan in that he defies God, usurping God's power as the creator of life
2 Scientific links
2.1 Written at a time of intense debate about science
2.2 Galvanism
2.2.1 Galvani- physican believed that you could almost create life from an electric current. Shelley perhaps was influence by this, in creation of Monster
2.3 Erasmus Darwin
2.3.1 Write about nature of organic life and evolution. Victor is too impatient and self centred to accept the slow pace of evolution His intervention in natural processes- usurps the power of creation reserved for God.
3 Humphry Davy
3.1 Davy was conscious of the negative potential in the increase of human knowledge
3.1.1 important to use knowledge carefully and responsibly- not for personal glorification
4 Masculine and Feminine
4.1 Mary believed, as Anna. K. Mellor has argued.
4.1.1 There is both good and bad science. They can be associated with masculine and feminine attitudes
4.2 Nature= feminine Scientist= masculine
4.2.1 In Scientific language
5 Nature vs Science
5.1 Frankenstein completely disrupts this natural process
5.1.1 Removes female contribution to monster creation
5.1.2 denying the monster any opportunity for maternal love
6 Background
6.1 Literary style to influence the novel was Gothic Horror
6.1.1 German ghost stories
6.1.2 Samuel Coleridge- The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
6.1.3 Paradise Lost- John Milton
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