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Chapter 1 - The Accounting Environment
Who did what now?...Ancient Greek edition
Chris Clark
Phamacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics
Theory of Knowledge Essay Preparation
Derek Cumberbatch
Specific Topic 7.3 Timber selection
T Andrews
receptor classification - pharmacodynamics
Welcome to GoConqr!
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Psychology 115 Final Exam Review
Introduction to Microeconomics and The Economy
Pharm I Exam 1
1 pharmacologic effect
1.1 clinical response
1.1.1 toxicity
1.1.2 efficacy
2 Target Sites
2.1 Non-specific interactions/non receptor mediated mechanism
2.1.1 chemical rxn (non receptor-mediated mechanism antacid
2.1.2 surfactant (non recept. med. rxn docusate sodium
2.1.3 protein denaturation (shrink, tighten mucus membranes, anti-inflammatory effects, astringents
2.1.4 osmotic effects alter the flow of h2o b/t compartments diuretics mannitol
2.1.5 selective toxicity chemotherapy compounds targets a select grp of cells Lipids: amphotericin B Nucleic Acids DNA daunorubicin, doxorubicin RNA macrolides, aminoglycosides, fomivirsen, amantidine
3 4 levels for mechanism of drug action
3.1 Molecular
3.1.1 targets regulatory receptors
3.2 cellular
3.2.1 drug binds to receptor to signaling pathway to start or be inhibited
3.3 tissue
3.3.1 affects fxn of organ
3.4 system
3.4.1 organ system fxn is altered
4 Ligand
4.1 moecule or compd that interacts with a receptor
4.1.1 Albuterol acts on Beta 2 receptor which is activated, inducing intracellular changes, PKA phosphorylates enzymes to inhibit muscle contraction, cAMP keeps calcium in ER 
4.2 selective sub typing
4.2.1 Based on what the drug binds to
5 Receptors
5.1 Regions
5.1.1 Extracellular
5.1.2 intracellular to reach this type of active site, a drug needs to be lipophilic or small to go thru the pores of the cell membrane; can diffuse through a transporter
5.1.3 transmembrane
5.2 Classification
5.2.1 2 overlapping systems Neurotransmitter Receptors Gprotein coupled receptors acetylcholine, serotonin ligand gated ion channels Acetylcholine, serotinin G-Protein Coupled Receptors Neurotransmitter: norepinephrine Peptides: Glucagon

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