Edward Thomas – Key Quotes

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Edward Thomas – Key Quotes
1 March
1.1 "Spring will come again, / Perhaps tomorrow"
1.2 "Cold burning"
1.3 "Primroses / Torn by the hail"
1.4 "The mighty sun wept tears of joy"
1.5 "It was lost, too"
1.6 "Rain, snow, sleet, hail"
1.7 "They fought, if they remembered to fight"
1.8 "They cared not what they sang or screamed"
1.9 "Hoarse or sweet or fierce or soft"
1.10 "They could do no wrong"
1.11 "Not till night had half its stars"
1.12 "Riot of songs, a silence"
1.13 "Spring returns, perhaps tomorrow"
2 Old Man
2.1 "Old Man, or Lad's-love"
2.2 "In the name there's nothing"
2.3 "Feathery herb"
2.4 "The herb itself I like not, but for certain / I love it"
2.5 "Snipping the tips and shrivelling"
2.6 "Thinking, perhaps of nothing"
2.7 "A bent path to a door"
2.8 "Me / Forbidding her to pick"
2.9 "Shrivel the grey shreds"
2.10 "I have mislaid the key."
2.11 "Think of nothing, I see and I hear nothing"
2.12 "Never can, remember"
2.13 "An avenue, dark, nameless, without end."
3 Tears
3.1 "It seems I have no tears left."
3.2 "If tears have ghosts"
3.3 "All equals in their rage of gladness"
3.4 "a great dragon"
3.5 "the double-shadowed Tower"
3.6 "Stirring and sweet"
3.7 "Strange solitude was there and silence"
3.8 "The music piercing that solitude"
3.9 "Truths I had not dreamed, / And have forgotten since their beauty passed.
4 But these things also
4.1 "Long-dead that is greyer now"
4.2 "All the Winter it was"
4.3 "The shell [...] bleached"
4.4 "Splashes of purest white"
4.5 "A man mistakes / For earliest violets"
4.6 "Something to pay Winter's debts"
4.7 "Spring's here, Winter's not gone"
5 Melancholy
5.1 "The rain and wind, the rain and wind, raved endlessly."
5.2 "The Summer storm [...] Wrought magic"
5.3 "I feared the solitude / Far more I feared all company"
5.4 "Sweeten the strange sweetness"
5.5 "Wild air"
5.6 "A distant cuckoo calling"
5.7 "Near water falling"
5.8 "As if in history"
5.9 "Rumours of what had touched my friends, my foes, or me."
6 The Glory
6.1 "The glory of the beauty of the morning"
6.2 "The cuckoo crying over the untouched dew"
6.3 "The blackbird [...], and the dove"
6.4 "Something sweeter than love"
6.5 "The sublime vacancy / Of sky and meadow and forest and my own heart"
6.6 "The glory invites me, yet it leaves me scorning"
6.7 "All I can ever do, all I can be"
6.8 "As far as heaven, as hell"
6.9 "I was happy oft and oft before"
6.10 "How dreary-swift [...] is Time?"
6.11 "I cannot bite the day to the core."
7 Words
7.1 "Choose me, / You English words?"
7.2 "Light as dreams, / Tough as oak"
7.3 "Make me content / With some sweetness"
7.4 "Whose nightingales / Have no wings"
7.5 "Fixed and free"
7.6 "As poets do."
8 Aspens
8.1 "The aspens at the cross-roads talk together"
8.2 "The clink, the hum, the roar, the random singing"
8.3 "The whisper [...] is not drowned"
8.4 "Lightless pane and footless road"
8.5 "Calls their ghosts"
8.6 "A silent smithy, a silent inn"
8.7 "The night of nightingales"
8.8 "A ghostly room"
8.9 "It would be the same"
8.10 "Aspens must shake their leaves and men may hear"
8.11 "But need not listen [...] to my rhymes."
8.12 "We cannot other than an aspen be"
9 This is no case of petty right or wrong
9.1 "I hate not Germans, nor grow hot / With love of Englishmen"
9.2 "My hatred of the Kaiser is love true"
9.3 "A kind of god he is, banging a gong."
9.4 "The storm smoking"
9.5 "Two witches' cauldrons roar."
9.6 "An England beautiful / And like her mother that died yesterday."
9.7 "The phoenix broods serene"
9.8 "The best and meanest Englishmen"
9.9 "Lest / We lose what never slaves and cattle blessed."
10 Rain
10.1 Rain, midnight rain, nothing but the wild rain"
10.2 "Remembering again that I shall die"
10.3 "I was born into this solitude"
10.4 "Blessed are the dead that the rain rains upon"
10.5 "Dying tonight or lying still awake"
10.6 "Helpless among the living and the dead"
10.7 "Myriads of broken reeds all still and stiff"
10.8 "What [...] Cannot, the tempest tells me, disappoint."
11 No one so much as you
11.1 "Loves this my clay"
11.2 "All that I ever did / For you seemed coarse"
11.3 "Scarce my eyes dare meet you"
11.4 "I but respond [...] And do not love."
11.5 "We look and understand, / We cannot speak"
11.6 "Words the most weak."
11.7 "A helpless fretting"
11.8 "A pine in solitude / Cradling a dove."
12 The sun used to shine
12.1 "Slowly together, paused and started"
12.2 "Cheerfully parted"
12.3 "We never disagreed"
12.4 "An apple wasps had undermined"
12.5 "In sunless Hades fields."
12.6 "Under the moonlight"
12.7 "Like memory's sand"
12.8 "Other men through other flowers"
13 As the team's head brass
13.1 "The fallen elm"
13.2 "The horses turned / Instead of treading me down"
13.3 "The blizzard"
13.4 "A woodpecker's round hole"
13.5 "If I could only come back again"
13.6 "One of my mates is dead."
13.7 "Another world."
14 Gone, Gone Again (Blenheim Oranges)
14.1 "Harvest rain"
14.2 "Fall grubby from the trees."
14.3 "When the lost one was here"
14.4 "To turn young men to dung"
14.5 "The old house"
14.6 "The footsteps of life"
14.7 "Youth, love, age and pain"
14.8 "I am something like that"
14.9 "Still breathing and interested"
14.10 "The house that is not dark"
14.11 "Not one pane to reflect the sun"
14.12 "They have broken every one."
15 Lights Out
15.1 "The unfathomable deep"
15.2 "Where all must lose / Their way"
15.3 "They can not choose."
15.4 "Deceived the travellers"
15.5 "In they sink."
15.6 "Here love ends – / Despair, ambition ends"
15.7 "Sleep that is sweeter"
15.8 "I must enter, and leave, alone, / I know not how."
15.9 "Its silence I hear and obey"
15.10 "I may lose my way / And myself."
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