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Technology for learning


using technology as learning tools
Kin Kwan LEUNG
Mind Map by Kin Kwan LEUNG, updated more than 1 year ago
Kin Kwan LEUNG
Created by Kin Kwan LEUNG over 5 years ago

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Technology for learning
  1. disadvantages
    1. get addiction
      1. always stay in the dazzling internet world
      2. easy to be disturbed
        1. do other things while studying
      3. Devices
        1. desktop
          1. educational software
          2. laptop
            1. E-book
              1. audio book
              2. smartphone
              3. advantages
                1. convenient
                  1. can learn things no matter where you are
                  2. easy to use
                    1. can use in your daily devices, like phone
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