Electricity comes to Cocoa Bottom

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Electricity comes to Cocoa Bottom
1 'Then' takes us into the middle of the story. Creates a sense of Drama.
2 'All the children' creates a religious tone.
3 The first two lines are simple. 'Went to see Mr Samuel's electric lights' makes it sound like a spectacle or a show. This has connotations of excitement.
4 'Camped' and 'filled with oil' tell us that the children are willing to stay a long time.
5 'Lamps filled with oil' is ironic as the children are bringing old technology to see new technology.
6 'Waiting for sunset' is ironic as the children are waiting for dark in order to see the light
7 The writer emphasizes a dream-like feeling by using the exotic colors of the later evening-"yellow, orange"
8 The Title of the story sounds like something out of a fairytale book.
9 The poem is written in free verse. This means that there is no rhyme scheme and therefore no formal rhythm, creating a dream-like, abstract mood.
10 'Grannie Patterson...crack' could mean that the older generation isn't as comfortable around electricity as the newer one, but it could also mean that the whole community, young and old is coming together to watch this marvel that is electricity.
11 'Cable...sun' is a metaphor. It could signify a variety of things: Electricity 'crossing out' natural light. 'Drawn' has connotations of infancy, of the beginning of a great piece of artwork, which could signify that this cable is the start of an electric revolution in Cocoa Bottom. A cable isn't nearly as colourful as the sun, which could symbolize how electricity will take away from the natural beauty of Cocoa Bottom.
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