Philosophy of art

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Philosophy of art
1 Plato
1.1 Aristotle
1.1.1 Art provides insight which could have only been brought forth by artists Art provides a catharsis which purges the pent-up passions of the soul without expressing inapropriate deeds to do so psychology was an influence in views
1.2 art is an imitation/copy of reality therefore it is deceptive and should not be included in an ideal society
1.2.1 parable of the cave: there are 2 worlds that coexist seperately from one another Form world is true world World as we see it is represented in "shadows" Art arouses feelings and ideas that otherwise would have not been there. metaphysical influenced viewpoint
2 Danto
2.1 paradigm shift in definition of art
2.1.1 Photographs make the imitation theory false In order to understand what is art you must understand the "is" in the piece of art art is a representation of something else
3 Questions that are common among theories are:
3.1 .1. Does art give us knowledge or mislead us about reality?
3.1.1 2. Does art help us achieve a harmonious inner psychic order or does it stir up emotions and lead us away from reason?
4 Marcuse
4.1 Art's negative and destructive nature is beneficial to society as it leads to reflection which leads to decreased oppression.
4.1.1 2 types of oppression 1. Necessary oppression:the kind and amount of repression that is necessary in all social orders to carry on existing. An example would be denying yourself a portion of a harvest, even though you are hungry, to allow enough seed for next year's planting. 2. Surplus oppression:the kind of repression that is put into place to protect the favored positions of rulers, enlisted to prevent a rise against authority and overthrowing the rulers. Human progress is achieved by elimination of surplus repression while simultaneously reducing necessary repression through technological advance. This is accomplished by art tapping into repressed desires which invokes opposition to necessary repression and thereby fuels the fight against surplus repression. (Art expresses opposition which leads to revolution which leads to freedom from surplus repression through transcendence-imaginary leap beyond the given social world into the conception of what should be or could potentially be)

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