Buddha Da

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A mind map of important quotes for Buddha Da by Anne Donavan.

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Buddha Da
1 But that wis daft stuff compared to whit he's went and done noo. He's turnt intae a Buddhist.
1.1 Central to understanding whole novel. 'Turnt intae' sounds like some kind of transformation and makes Buddhism sound alien to AM
2 Bein a buddhist didnae seem tae make that much difference tae ma da, gaun tae his work, cairryin on in the hoose.
2.1 Shows J isn't affected by Buddhism to begin with. Word choice of 'work' and 'cairryin on' suggests normal everyday life.
3 Ah lifted the scissors and started cuttin the film tae bits
3.1 Moment of self realisation. J looks at his actions and realises he wants to change.
4 The tears sterted tae come, right runnin' doon ma cheeks
4.1 Novels turning point. J's mind is opened by meditation to his faults and he sees his feelings more clearly. Makes him more dedicated to buddhism and less dedicated to L and AM
5 Celibate, Jimmy?
5.1 Rhetorical Q shows L's disbelief. Cold scientific word 'celibate'
6 Naebdy seems tae notice
6.1 AM feels her parents aren't paying her attention and are too caught up in J's buddhism
7 Ah don't believe ah'm hearin this
7.1 J doesn't go to AM's concert and L is shocked
8 Somehow, ah felt mair free wioot him.
8.1 Shows L feels she is living without stress now J has gone.
9 Ah'm pregnant
9.1 Blunt word choice. Hard for L to tell J.
10 Ah've hardly seen ma da, wi him workin all hours and s[endin hauf his time at that centre
10.1 Shows AM feels her dad is drifting from her and he isn't focusing on his family
11 Face reality. Look at what ah'd done. What ah was daein
11.1 J destroys picture of Buddha that has been a metaphor for his growing religious feelings. L's baby makes him angry but he realises he will have to get on with it.
12 Wish there was some way of knowin if we're daein the right thing, but there isnae. Never is
12.1 Shows L's uncertainty of future and the new family she has.

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