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  1. solids
    1. strong forces of attraction
      1. fixed position
        1. all touching
          1. no space between the particles
            1. cannot be compressed
            2. liquids
              1. 75% touching
                1. cannot be compressed
                  1. weak forces of attraction
                    1. can flow
                      1. can change shape
                        1. can pe poured
                        2. gases
                          1. none touch
                            1. rapid,random motion
                              1. Flow
                              2. no force of attraction
                                1. a lot of space between particles
                                  1. no pattern
                                  2. heating curves
                                    1. the plot of temperature
                                      1. shows changes of state
                                        1. you can read the melting and boiling points
                                          1. temperature of the substance against the amount of energy it has absorbed
                                          2. Specific latent heat of fusion
                                            1. The amount of energy needed to melt 1kg of a solid into a liquid without changing its temperature
                                            2. Specific latent heat of vaporisation
                                              1. The amount of energy needed to boil 1kg of a liquid to a gas without changing its temperature
                                              2. Sublimation Melting. Boiling Solid, liquid, gas Freeze,condense Depostion
                                                1. Mass = densityXvolume
                                                  1. E=mxL
                                                    1. Specific heat capacity
                                                      1. Amount of energy needed to change 1kg of a substance by 1 degrees
                                                      2. P1V1=P2V2
                                                        1. Energy cannot be created or destroyed ,it can only be transferred from one store to another
                                                          1. pathway examples
                                                            1. The sun has a store of nuclear energy which reaches the solar cells through a radiation pathway.
                                                              1. The energy is stored in a battery when the machine is used some energy is wasted this happens through a heating pathway.
                                                              2. eqations
                                                                1. ep = m x g x h
                                                                  1. ee = 1/2 x k x exe
                                                                    1. ek = 1/2 x m x vxv
                                                                      1. wd = f x d
                                                                        1. p = wd divided by t
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