P3 Science Revision Notes!


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P3 Science Revision Notes!
  1. Primary energy sources
    1. Fossil fuels
      1. nuclear fuels
        1. biofuels
          1. Wind
            1. Waves
              1. Radiation from the sun
              2. Secondary energy sources are produced from primary energy sources. Electricity is a secondary energy source because it is generated from primary energy sources
                1. Power is measured in Watts (W)
                  1. Time is measure is Seconds (s)
                    1. Energy is measured in Joules (J)
                      1. Electricity is powered in Volts (V)
                        1. Current is measured in Amps (A)
                          1. Power (W) = Volts (V) x Current (A)
                            1. A sankey diagramn shows how energy supplied to a device is transferred into different forms of energy
                              1. 100J is input
                                1. 90J is lost
                                  1. 10J is used
                                  2. Efficiency = energy usefully transferred ÷ total energy supplied
                                    1. 1.fuel is burned to boil water to make steam 2.steam makes a turbine spin 3.spinning turbine turns a generator which produces electricity 4.electricity goes to the transformers to produce the correct voltage.
                                      1. Waste from power stations are radioactive. They pose a serious health risk
                                        1. Renewable energy sources
                                          1. Wind Turbines
                                            1. Rely on the weather
                                            2. Hydroelectric Schemes
                                              1. Need suitable sites
                                              2. Wave Technology
                                                1. Rely on the weather
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