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Example of wh-question words in use.

Mariola Hejduk
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Question words
1 What? (Thing)
1.1 What time is it?
1.1.1 It's 12 o clock.
1.2 What is your name?
1.2.1 My name is Anna.
1.3 What is your telephone number?
1.3.1 My telephone number is 0778998676.
2 Where? (Place)
2.1 Where are you from?
2.1.1 I an from Poland.
2.2 Where do you live?
2.2.1 I live in Hartlepool.
2.3 Where is your car?
2.3.1 My car is in the car park.
3 Who? (Person)
3.1 Who is this person?
3.1.1 She is my daughter.
3.2 Who is your friend?
3.2.1 He is a doctor.
3.3 Who do you work with?
3.3.1 I work with Polish and English people.
4 When (Time)
4.1 When do you get up?
4.1.1 I get up at 7 o'clock.
4.2 When do you start work?
4.2.1 I start work at 9 o'clock.
4.3 When is your birthday?
4.3.1 My birthday is on 3rd May.
5 Why? (Reason)
5.1 Why do you learn Engish?
5.1.1 Because I live here.
5.2 Why do you smoke?
5.2.1 Because I like it.
6 How (Manner)
6.1 How are you?
6.1.1 I'm OK, thanks.
6.2 How old are you?
6.2.1 I am 34 years old.
6.3 How often do you play football?
6.3.1 I play football once a week.

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