Emergency Procedures

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Created by andywilce78 over 6 years ago
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Emergency Procedures
1 organisations should develop emergency procedures to deal with incidents
1.1 these include fire, bomb, and chemical spill
1.1.1 arrangements must be made by organisations to deal with emergencys via telephone computer etc...
2 employers must have appropriate first aid provisions in place for his employees
2.1 these include first aid facilities, equipment and appropriately trained personnel
2.1.1 assessments must be made by employer to find risks and hazards within the workplace
3 basic principal of first aid / 3 p"s
3.1 Preserve life
3.2 Prevent deterioration
3.3 Promote recovery
4 employers duty for first aid provisions for his employees
4.1 to provide facilities
4.2 equipment
4.3 personnel

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