Forces and Balancing

Ben Leader
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Ben Leader
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GCSE Physics Mind Map on Forces and Balancing, created by Ben Leader on 05/09/2013.

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Forces and Balancing
1 When forces are balanced the object won't move.
2 If the forces are unbalanced then the object will move which ever way the weakest force is.
3 Levers
3.1 Magnify the 'effort' (force which is applying the pressure)
3.2 Turns objects around pivots.
3.3 Load is the object which is being lifted
4 Magnets
4.1 The same poles repel
4.2 Opposite poles attract
4.3 Some metals are magnetic - they attract magnetic materials, Iron, Nickel and Cobalt are some examples.
5 Pressure
5.1 The smaller the area of an object, the higher the pressure.
5.2 When more force is applied then the pressure increases.
5.3 If a pin was pressing in to your hand and a hammer was pressing into your hand with the same force, the pin would pierce your skin and be more painful. The hammer would not hurt much.
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