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1 Where: Island in the Xingu River in Brazilian State of Para
2 The lodge has 15 rooms
3 Activities
3.1 Caneoing
3.2 Fishing
3.3 Forest walks
3.4 Wildlife viewing
4 Ownership:Operated by a cooperative of 6 local tribes of indigenous people
5 Enviromental Benefits
5.1 It uses solar pannels to power & run lights
5.1.1 Not using fossil fuels to generate electirciy
5.2 Food served in the lodge is locally sourced
5.2.1 Means less fossil fuels used to transport it
5.3 The Lodge was built from local materials
5.3.1 Straw & Wood found on the floor Meaning you don't cut down any trees
6 Economic Benefits
6.1 Lodge is owned by a cooperative of indigenous tribes rather than a big foregin company.
6.1.1 Money goes straight to the local economy
6.2 Creates more jobs for local people
6.3 As the lodge uses locally produced food more money goes to the local economy
7 Why go there?
7.1 Surrounding the rainforest is home to a rich variety of wildlife including many species of bat and tropical birds. there are also some endangered species in the area such as the harpy eagal and giant river otter.
8 Benefits for Local People
8.1 Create jobs for locals
8.2 People in nearby villages are encouraged to visit Tataquara Lodge to...
8.2.1 Sell Crafts
8.2.2 Perform traditional songs & dances Helps to preserve their culture
8.3 Profits earned from the lodge are used to provide decent health care & education

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