Heat and Transfer

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Ben Leader
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GCSE Physics Mind Map on Heat and Transfer, created by Ben Leader on 05/09/2013.

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Heat and Transfer
1 Thermal energy
1.1 Expands a material, particles vibrate.
1.2 The more thermal energy the hotter the item.
1.3 Every living organism gives off heat, therefore it gives thermal energy off.
2 Convection
2.1 Cold air sinks, warm air rises.
2.2 Goes round clock-wise.
2.3 Takes place in liquids and gases
3 Changing State
3.1 When changing state, for example solid to liquid, the temperature stays the same during the changing because the energy is being used for the changing process.
4 Infared Radiation
4.1 Emits heat through empty space
4.2 Does not require the movement of particles.
5 Conduction
5.1 Most metals are good heat conductors because the particles are close together so they vibrate quickly and harshly
5.2 Most other materials are not very good conductors
5.3 When particles are not so close together, like in gases, conduction becomes very hard and doesn't occur very effectively.
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