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AS IT INFO 2 - Acts
1 Copyright, Designs & Patents Act
1.1 Established 1988
1.2 'Makes it illegal to copy or distribute software without permission or a licence'
1.3 Covers music, literature and software
2 Data Protection Act
2.1 Purposes
2.1.1 Requires People who use Personal Data to be Honest and Upfront about its use.
2.1.2 Gives Individuals Certain Statutory Rights
2.2 Created in 1984, revised in 1998
2.3 Provides legal rights for computer users
3 Freedom of Information Act
3.1 Concerns itself with information needed by the public authority
3.2 Includes:
3.2.1 How public authorities carry out their duties
3.2.2 How public authorities make their decisions
3.2.3 How public authorities spend public money
3.3 Exemptions:
3.3.1 Where information could jeopardise the prevention/ detection of a crime
3.3.2 Where the cost of collecting information exceeds a reasonable limit
3.4 Made in 2000
4 Computer Misuse Act
4.1 Introduced 1990
4.2 Examples of crimes
4.2.1 Unauthorised access to computer programs or data Up to a six month penalty and/or a fine Guessing someone's password then looking at the system to see what data it contains
4.2.2 Unauthorised access with further criminal intent Up to a five year penalty and/ or a fine Guessing passwords to bank accounts and using that to access sensitive data without the subject's permission with the intention of committing fraud
4.2.3 Unauthorised modification of computer material Carries up to five years offence penalty and/or a fine Deliberately deleting files, introducing viruses or modifying programs intending to cause damage
5 Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
5.1 An offence to access or intercept a message sent through either public or private telecommunications
5.2 Established 2000
5.3 Data interception only allowed in certain situations, for example, when a message must be intercepted to help solve a crime

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