Second World War Homefront

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Second World War Homefront
1 People feared air attacks in densly populated cities
1.1 In January 1938 Air Raid precautions were planned
1.1.1 The Auxiliary Fire service was created
2 Jobs
2.1 ARP Wardens
2.1.1 Distributed 32 million gas masks
2.1.2 Friday 1st September two days before the war they enforced the blackout
2.1.3 Over one million men and women volunteered to serve
2.1.4 Reported air raid damage, warn people of unexploded bombs and seal off affected areas
2.1.5 Provided immediate help at bomb sites before emergency services arrives
2.2 National Fire Service
2.2.1 Worked as part of the Auxiliary Fire service
2.2.2 consisted of 39 firefighting forces in 1942
2.2.3 400000 people joined during the war
2.2.4 Used wartime grey fire engines and wore tin helmets
2.2.5 There were also fire boats to control dockside fires and street fires in east london in 1940
2.3 Casualty Service
2.3.1 240 000 people volunteered
2.3.2 Attend accidents and tend to injuries, sending seriously injured people to first aid post, and some to casualty clearing hospitals
2.3.3 2379 civil defence workers killed, 4459 were injured
2.3.4 Work was crucial in maintaining morale of home front
2.4 The Home Guard
2.4.1 The Local Defence Volunteers were formed in 1940 500000 men with Canadian British and US weapons Hastily built defences like trenches and gun emplacements Expected to fight Germans if invaded Many volunteers were over 40 and had no weapons Nicknamed Look Die Vanish
3 Neville Chamberlin announced Britain at war with Germany 3 September 1939
4 Evacuation
4.1 Large numbers of people evacuated first years of the war
4.2 2 million made plans for evacuation 1.5 million evacuated by government
4.3 Lots of propaganda and pictures of happy parents to make it seem better
4.4 Co-ordinated by Federation of Women's Instiutes
4.4.1 They received 1700 complaints from host families concerning bad manners bed wetting and lice
4.5 After arriving by trains people would be taken to reception centres like churches or village halls and wait to be chosen by 'host families
4.5.1 Local people were paired 10 shillings for the first child and 8 shillings for each evacuee
5 Rationing
5.1 Food rationing enforced January 1940
5.2 Ministry of Food made recipes to make food go a long way
5.3 People with jobs in heavy industry were given more food
5.4 Home grown food wasn't rationed
5.5 By 1941 clothes was rationed
5.5.1 Encouraged to Make do and Mend
5.6 Scrap food was collected to take to farms
5.7 Milk- 6 glasses. Eggs -1 per 2 weeks. Meat- 500g Butter- 300g. Sugar- 2 teacups. Oil-1/2 teacup. Tea- 1 teacup. Cheese- 30g. Jam- 1 1/2 teacups.
6 Morale
6.1 Censorship Bureau banned al press photographs of wounded soldiers, dead air raid victims or houses destroyed by bombs
6.2 Ministry of Information produced propaganda and distributed the news that they wanted the British public to hear
6.3 Entertainment was used to keep up morale films music and dancing was popular
6.4 Winston Churchill's speeches were broadcast to encourage people to support to war effort

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