Basil Hallward

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Created by laurissafield over 5 years ago
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Basil Hallward
1 "whose sudden disappearance some years ago"
2 "I have put too much of myself in it"
3 "saw Dorian Gray for the first time...our eyes met"
4 "I don't want to see Dorian tied to some vile creature who might degrade his nature and ruin his intellect"
5 "The Gods made Sibyl Vane for you"
6 "You were the most unspoiled creature in the whole world"
7 "He felt that Dorian would never again be all to him he had been in the past"
8 "I was dominated, soul, brain and power by you"
9 "He is all my art to me now"
10 "I worshipped you"
11 "As long as I live, the personality of Dorian Gray will dominate me"
12 "I find him in the curves of certain lines"
13 The only central character with a sense of right and wrong
13.1 Taken the role of Good Angel
13.2 "You were the most unspoiled creature in the world"
13.3 Struggles with a vocabulary of sin and redemption as it is not natural to him
14 Desire not to be a personality
14.1 Consistent with his unrequited love for Dorian
14.1.1 His adoration/praise of Dorian turns him into an object of desire for the predatory Henry
14.2 Contrasts with Henry and Dorian
15 Reverse of Henry's Hedonistic ideals
15.1 He denies himself
15.1.1 Does not tell Dorian of his feelings until the picture has begun to change Determination that Dorian shall "never know" may spring from fear of rejection, or conviction that homosexual desire is forbidden But refusal to articulate longing means it remains at the level of "worship"
16 His self-denial makes him the heart of the story
16.1 Crushes his jealousy to voice approval of love between Dorian and Sibyl, abandoning class prejudice as well as his own hopes
16.1.1 Suggests his generosity of spirit
16.1.2 Also poses the question of where do the desires of others fit in?
16.2 Would rather destroy the picture than let it provoke a quarrel between Henry and Dorian
17 Once he has confessed his feelings, he settles for the role of a trusted friend
17.1 But his later work is inferior to the portrait, so does so at a cost
18 Embodiment of longing

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