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Magazine Institutions


Mind Map on Magazine Institutions, created by sianhorrigan5786 on 04/29/2014.
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Magazine Institutions
  1. Ipc Media
    1. Consumer magazine and digital publisher in the United Kingdom
      1. Sells over 300 million copies a year
        1. 2 out of 3 women and over 45% of men read an IPC magazine
          1. Almost 27 million adults
          2. Over 80 iconic brands
            1. Creates content for multiple platfroms across print, online, evetn, mobile and tablets
              1. Predominately aimed towards women
                1. Publisher of NME
                2. Bauer Publishing
                  1. largest privately owned publisher in Europe
                    1. comprising over 300 magazines worldwide in 15 countries
                      1. Primary role: womens lifestyle, mens lifestyle, music, films and specialist magazines
                        1. Examples: Kerrang!, MOJO, Q
                          1. Most titles are available to view online
                            1. No specific target audience
                            2. WINNER
                              1. I chose IPC because despite only publishing in the UK my magazine will have no competitiors as there isn't a british magazine like $$$. Where as in America there is both XXL and the source meaning it would be harder to penetrate into the market.
                                1. IPC publishes NME which is the largest selling music magazine and has now diversified into NME radio and has the largest and most viewed music website.
                                  1. This is important to me as my target audience of 18-25 are surveyed to be the most socially active therefore a website will appeal to them.
                                  2. IPC creates content for multiple platforms, across print, online, mobile, tablets and events. Which is extremely important for my target audience. Throughout my magazine I have made convergence links with the internet through social networking sites of twitter, Facebook and so on as many people between the ages of 18-25 would use online sources.
                                    1. The graph (left) shows how IPC and more technologically advanced than Bauer and through this secondary research I made my final decision. As I feel that by picking IPC I have more chance establishing apps and an online magazine than I would have with Bauer. Also, the fact they have experience through NME also makes me certain I have made the correct decision.
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