Computer legal issues

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Created by 09adam.palfrey over 5 years ago
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Computer legal issues
1 Data Protection Act 1998
1.1 8 principals
1.1.1 Data must be processed fairly.
1.1.2 It can only be used for the purpose they have said it will.
1.1.3 They should only hold data they need.
1.1.4 Data has to be accurate and up to date.
1.1.5 Data must not be held longer than it is needed for .
1.1.6 Data will be kept safe.
1.1.7 Data will not be shared to a country where they don't have similar laws.
1.1.8 Data will be used in accordance to your rights.
2 Computer miss use act of 1998
2.1 Unauthorised access
2.2 attempt to change data or hardware
2.2.1 You don't have to be successful in attempts
3 The copy right design and patents act of 1998

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