Agencies of socialisation: The Mass Media and Religion

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Agencies of socialisation: The Mass Media and Religion
1 Religion
1.1 -In traditional societies, families would learn norms and values from religion. Some sociologists claim that a process of SECULARISATION has taken place and religion is now a less significant agency of socialisation. However, even those who do not attend religious ceremonies regularly may still see their religion as important.
1.2 -Religion is also, Christianity in particular, part of the NATIONAL CURRICULUM. It is taught to all children. Although church attendance may be declining, there are many faiths present in our culturally divers society.
2 Mass Media
2.1 -When learning the norms and values of our society we experience reality through interacting with people, but we also experience mediated reality through the mass media.
2.2 -The mass media are all forms of communication that are produced for consumption by a large audience. It has been claimed that we live in a MEDIA SATURATED society and we are exposed to media products from a very young age. This is why we need to consider the importance of the mass media in the socialisation process.
3 -For many years there has been a debate about the effects of the media on socia behaviour, much of this research has focused on children as they are seen to be more vulnerable to the effects of the media. Some researchers see the media having a direct effect on the behaviour of children, while others see children as a media literate audience who can easily tell the difference between fantasy violence and real violence.
4 Gaye Tuchmann et al (1978) - FEMINIST
4.1 -Feminists have long been concerned about how women are presented in the media. Gaye Tuchmann et al suggests that women are SYMBOLICALLY ANNIHILATED in the media. This may result in girls and women learning that their roles are less important than those of men. A more recent controversy in terms of the role of the mass media in the socialistaion process is that the media provide unrealistic images of the female body and this has been linked to the increase in eating disorders.
4.1.1 Symbolic Annihilation-a situation in which women are under-represented in the media and where their roles are seen as limited or negative in comparison with those of men.
5 -Media images of ethnicity have also been criticised for portraying minority ethnic groups in negative ways. Minority ethnic groups are often victims of MORAL PANICS in the media.
5.1 Moral Panic-exaggerated media reporting of a certain action or social group. This group come to be seen as a threat to the rest of society.
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