Unionst Opposition To Home Rule

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Unionst Opposition To Home Rule
1 Home Rule
1.1 Home Rule in Ireland ment that Ireland would manage her own internal affairs eg. roads schools ect. whereas Westminster would manage her foreign affairs eg. wars
1.2 1886
1.2.1 Home Rule failed in the House of Commons
1.3 1893
1.3.1 Home Rule failed in the House of Lords
1.4 1912
1.4.1 Home Rule was made to become law in 1914 postponed by WW1 1911 Parliament Act House of Lords could not veto a law it would be postponed for maximum 2 years
2 Solemn League And Covenant
2.1 Gentlemen
2.1.1 They would be willing to fight use weapons train to fight Die fighting for Ulster
2.2 Ladies
2.2.1 To support the Men no matter what happened
2.3 signed in pen or blood
2.4 Unionist Leaders toured Ulster
2.4.1 pursuading people to sign in all major towns
2.4.2 Ulster Day Saturday 28th september 1912 Belfast
2.5 Over 450,000 men and women signed it
3.1 ulster volunteer force
3.2 Founded January 1913
3.3 Trained by officers of the British Army
3.4 Sir George Richarson a retired general took command of the UVF
3.5 Unionists
3.5.1 mainly Protestants
3.5.2 some Roman Catholic from Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan
3.6 from Ulster
3.6.1 Antrim
3.6.2 Down
3.6.3 Londonderry
3.6.4 Armagh
3.6.5 Tyrone
3.6.6 Fermanagh
3.6.7 Donegal
3.6.8 Cavan
3.6.9 Monaghan
3.7 they knew they could not block Home Rule from all Ireland but they wanted all of Ulster
3.8 Unionist Leader Sir Edward Carson
4 Larne Gun-Running
4.1 UVF
4.1.1 Needed Weapons
4.1.2 well trained now
4.2 weapons brought from Germany
4.2.1 24th and 25th April 1914
4.2.2 on board the Clyde Valley ship
4.2.3 to Larne port
4.2.4 25,000 Rifles and 3 million rounds of ammuntition
5 Nationalist Support For Home Rule
5.1 IVF
5.1.1 Irish volunteer force Founded 1913 By Summer 1914 they had over 100,000 volunteers Eoin MacNeill was thier leader mostly Roman Catholic They wanted Home Rule for ALL of Ireland Irish Nationalist leader John Redmond
5.2 Howth Gun-Running
5.2.1 Needed weapons as the UVF already had many from the Larne Gun-Running weapons from Germany 1,500 Rifles ans 45,000 rounds of ammunition on board the Asgard
5.2.2 26th July 1914
5.2.3 Howth port co. Dublin
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