Data Structures & Algorithms

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A-level Computing (Data Structures & Algorithms) Mind Map on Data Structures & Algorithms, created by Reuben Caruana on 05/01/2014.

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Data Structures & Algorithms
1 Data Structures
1.1 Primitive Datatype
1.1.1 Char
1.1.2 Boolean
1.1.3 Whole byte short int long
1.1.4 Real float double
1.1.5 Referenced Data Type Objects String
1.1.6 Complex Data Structures Arrays Trees Binary Search Tree Methods Traversals Pre-Order In-Order Post-Order String HASH Table Hashing Function Array of Linked Lists Stack Queues Linear Circular Linked Lists Linear Double Circular
2 Algoriths
2.1 Sorting
2.1.1 Bubble
2.1.2 Insertion
2.1.3 Selection
2.1.4 Merge
2.1.5 Quick
2.2 Searching
2.2.1 Linear
2.2.2 Binary
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