Mobile Phone Features

Lana Mills
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GCSE GSCE ICT Mind Map on Mobile Phone Features, created by Lana Mills on 05/10/2013.

Lana Mills
Created by Lana Mills over 6 years ago
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Mobile Phone Features
1 3G - A type of connectivity.
2 Bluetooth - A type of connection which connects over short range.
3 Camera and Video Recorder - This enables you to take photos and videos on the move.
4 Wi-Fi Enabled - A way of connecting to other devices and the Internet.
5 Voice calls
6 Video Calls - Where you can see each others faces while talking Eg. Facetime.
7 GPS - A way of tracking where you are in the world.
8 Data Storage - Memory to store your music, pictures and videos on.
9 Text messages
10 Cloud syncronisation - Lets you save all your data on other devices so you have back-up.
11 Touchscreen Interface - Where the phone is touchscreen navigation.
12 Internet Access

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