English notes and tips

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this will help you remember tips notes on exam technique

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English notes and tips
1 exam technique
1.1 paragraphs
1.1.1 Paragraph start introduce the overall point show the points clearly starting the answer use the some of the same words as the question use clear arguments A good first paragraph sets the scene for the whole answer if possible refer to an opposite side of view the introduction should grab the readers attention using quotation will give the reader an insight
1.1.2 new paragraphs Use a new paragraph when there is a change. when writing about a new place or scene when talking about a new person when writing about a new time when starting a new topic Or when making a new point It is important to make one point or more every paragraph linking paragraphs paragraphs need to be linked together use words like these to link Therefore Again... For the same reason on the other hand Ordering paragraphs put paragraphs in an order of importance use paragraphs for an argument then paragraphs against use a time order act order scenes but dont make all the paragraphs the same vary the styles of the paragraphs repeat sentence structures when at home when at school when at the park Or use rhetorical questions would you let your children die
2 write a lot about a little
2.1 where
2.1.1 scene
2.1.2 setting
2.1.3 places
2.2 when
2.2.1 when was it
2.2.2 what act
2.3 what
2.3.1 what is it about?
2.3.2 what they mean?
2.4 why
2.4.1 why was it done
2.4.2 why was it done then
2.5 who
2.5.1 who was there?
2.5.2 importance
2.6 how
3.1 its a very easy way to back up evidence
3.2 to back up arguments
3.3 don't make quotes to long
3.4 Use quotation marks ( " " )
3.5 it is important to use quotation as they split up text from your own writing
4 finishing

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