Spanish: Different tenses and AR, ER, IR endings

Joe Barry
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Here is a collection of the different spanish tenses AND verb endings for each tense. With a couple of tips and examples for each. Hope this is useful :)

Joe Barry
Created by Joe Barry over 2 years ago
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Spanish: Different tenses and AR, ER, IR endings
1 Present Tense
1.1 Regular Verb Endings
1.1.1 AR Verbs Yo - o Tu - as El / Ella - a Nosotros/as - amos Vosotros/as - áis Ellos/Ellas - an Examples: Cant-o, Cant-as, Cant-a, Cant-amos, Cant-ais, Cant-an
1.1.2 ER Verbs Yo - o Tu - es El/Ella - e Nosotros/as - emos Vosotros/as - éis Ellos/ Ellas - en Examples: Beb-o, Beb-es, Beb-e, Beb-emos, Beb-eis, Beb-en
1.1.3 TIPS: for ER and IR verbs - for regular endings - they both follow a similar pattern for all of the persons - EXCEPT NOSOTROS AND VOSOTROS
1.1.4 IR Verbs Yo - o Tu - es El/Ella - e Nosotros/as - imos Vosotros/as - ís Ellos/Ellas - en Examples: Viv-o, Viv-es, Viv-e, Viv-imos, Viv-is, Viv-en
2 Past tenses
2.1 Preterite Tense
2.1.1 AR Endings Yo - é Tu - aste El/Ella - ó Nosotros/as - amos Vosotros/as - asteis ellos - aron
2.1.2 Irregular Preterite Forms Ser (to be) Yo - fui Tu -Fuiste El/Ella - fue Nosotros/as - Fuimos Vosotros/as - Fuisteis Ellos /ellas - Fueron These endings are also the same for ir (to Go) TIP: The following irregular preterite forms are the some of the most common. Dar ( to give) Yo - di Tu - diste El/Ella - Dio Nosotros - Dimos Vosotros - disteis Ellos/ellas -dieron Ver (to see) Yo - Vi Tu - Viste El/Ella - Vio Nosotros - Vimos Vosotros - Visteis Ellos/Ellas - Vieron Ver and Dar have similar conjugations! For example Visteis and Disteis (Vosotros)
2.1.3 ER and IR endings Yo - í Tu- iste El/Ella - ió Nosotros/as - imos Vosotros/as - isteis ellos - ieran
2.1.4 TIP: For the preterite tense ER and IR verbs have the same endings! all the way through. Unlike the present tense.
2.2 Imperfect Tense
2.2.1 AR Verbs Yo - aba Tu- abas El/Ella - aba Nosotros - ábamos Vosotros - abais Ellos/Ellas - aban
2.2.2 ER and IR Verbs Yo - ía Tu - ías El/Ella - ía Nosotros - íamos Vosotros - íais Ellos/Ellas - ían
2.2.3 TIP: For ER and IR verbs in the imperfect tense. These follow the same patten! But there is also an irregular imperfect tense aswell! Be warned these are not like the regular verb endings
2.2.4 Irregular imperfect ir (to go) Yo - iba Tu - ibas El/Ella - iba Nosotros - íbamos Vosotros - ibais Ellos/Ellas - iban ser (to be) Yo - era Tu - eras El/Ella - era Nosotros - éramos Vosotros - erais Ellos/Ellas - eran Ver (to see) Yo- Veía Tu - Veías El/Ella - Veía Nosotros - Veíamos Vosotros - Veíais Ellos/Ellas - Veían These Irregular infinitive's are also the same ones for the irregular preterite! Make sure you learn these important ones.
3 Future Tenses
3.1 Informal future tense
4 There are a lot more things in spanish (reflexive verbs, Stem changing verbs etc) that also fall into these categories!!

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