This is no petty case of right or wrong

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This is no petty case of right or wrong
1 "this is no case of petty right and wrong"
1.1 - presents Thomas on a third side
1.2 "Petty" petulant, he is belittling the argument of debate
1.3 suggesting that the men were forced to be patriotic.
2 Structure
2.1 free verse
2.1.1 one stanza- mimics a rant or speech
2.2 Iambic pentameter
2.2.1 portrays rhythm of speech
2.2.2 rhythm of drums- patriotism
2.2.3 rhythm of Shakespeare-
2.3 cohesion through rhyme- some kind of framing
3 "to please newspapers"
3.1 He is criticising the media's representation of the war
3.1.1 Could perhaps be a response to the likes of Jessie Pope and her poem “Who’s for the Game?” and various other jingoist writers of the time.
3.2 arguing for a quieter form of patriotism which deals with the love for the earth in which he was born.
3.3 "grow hot with love of English men"
3.3.1 that patriots have almost a false love for their country, as they only love England as to please the newspapers, and therefore have a blind loyalty to England. The beginning of the poem therefore has an almost contemptuous, scornful, angry tone.
4 "banging a gong"
4.1 ambiguous, referring to the Kaiser
4.1.1 who is made to look ridiculous idea is ludicrous- he is making a lot of noise but not doing anything He is being critical
5 "two witches cauldrons roar"
5.1 It is as though he is watching a storm
5.2 empathising the ferocity of the hatred
5.3 witches, magic and the supernatural = all beyond our control- perhaps suggests the war/ patriotism is irrational
5.3.1 he has unwilllingly been dragged into the war-
6 was written on 26th December 1915
6.1 written After an argument with his Father
6.1.1 conventional patriot who demonised the Germans.
6.1.2 accused of not being patriotic
6.2 enlisted and so joined the Artists Rifles on July 1915.
6.2.1 Edward Thomas had been serving in the army for just over six months. he worked as a map reading instructor
7 Links to other poems
7.1 unlike the teams head's brass and ...
7.1.1 Enter text here
10 " She is all we know and live by"
10.1 Personification of England at the end
10.1.1 returning to something he loved Enter text here

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