fatimah's soft bones

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fatimah's soft bones
1 osteoporosis
1.1 decreased bone strentgh and density
1.2 epidemiology
1.2.1 two times higher in women
1.3 Types
1.3.1 localized in a limb
1.3.2 generalized primary senile eledrly of both sexes postmenopausal secondary
1.4 factors
1.4.1 personal Age genetic factors
1.4.2 extnal er diet hormonal staturs physical activity
1.5 risk factors
1.5.1 sedentary life style
1.5.2 corticosteroid use
1.5.3 calcium low
1.5.4 estrogen low
1.5.5 alcohol use
1.6 diagnostic criteria
1.6.1 X-Ray can't be detected until 30% of bone mass is lost
1.6.2 bone density test helps estimate the density of the bones Types central DXA peripheral DXA scores 1 and above normal between -1 and -2.5 osteopenia -2.5 and below osteoporosis
1.7 investigations
1.7.1 Thyroid hormone test to check thyroid gland function
1.7.2 blood sugar test to keep track and manage diabetes
1.7.3 CBC evaluate overall health
1.7.4 electrolyte test check for calcium, phosphate levels
1.8 management
1.8.1 non-pharmacological strategy smoking cessation avoid drugs that increase bone loss adequate dietary intake of calcium and vit D weight-bearing exercises
1.8.2 pharmacological strategy biphosphonates denosumb selective estrogen receptor modulators teriparatide calcitonin
1.9 compilcations
2 anatomy of the hip region
2.1 hip bone
2.2 blood supply
2.3 femur
2.4 gluteal region
2.5 hip joint
2.6 physiology
2.6.1 flexion
2.6.2 extension
2.6.3 abduction
2.6.4 adduction
2.6.5 external rotation
2.6.6 internal rotation
3 radiographic features
3.1 decreased bone density
3.2 decreased cortical thickness
3.3 loss of bony trabecula
4 fractures
4.1 hip fractures
4.1.1 causes falls to hard surface medical conditions obesity
4.1.2 Types subtrochanteric intracapsular intertrochanteric
4.1.3 complications nonunion failure bedsores avascular necrosis pneumonia urinary tract infections
4.1.4 risk factors tobacco and alcohol physical inactivity nutritional problems certain medications chronic medical conditions
4.1.5 management surgery internal repair partial hip replacement total hip replacement rehabilitation medications
4.2 pathological fractures
4.2.1 caused by disease that led to weakness of bones
4.2.2 fragility fractures common sites vertebral fractures colle's fracture of the wrist neck of femur
5 calcium metabolism
6 phosphorus metabolism
7 Vit D metabolism
8 clinical examination
8.1 look
8.2 feel
8.3 move
8.4 special tests
8.4.1 thomas's test
8.4.2 trendelenberg test
9 estrogen replacement therapy
9.1 HRT
9.2 given to postmenopausal women
9.2.1 moderate to severe hot flashes
9.2.2 lost bone mass
9.2.3 menopause before age
9.3 adverse effects
9.3.1 bloating
9.3.2 breast swelling
9.3.3 vaginal bleeding
9.3.4 mood changes
10 BMI
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