Cogidubnus and Fishbourne Palace

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Created by lollilou over 6 years ago
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Cogidubnus and Fishbourne Palace
1 Cogidubnus
1.1 member of family which ruled the Atrebates
1.2 After Roman Invasion, became King of his tribe, renamed the Regnenses
1.2.1 Kingship may have been award from Emperor Claudius
1.3 Faithful supporter of the Romans
1.3.1 Given privilege of Roman Citezenship Allowed to add two of the Emperor's name (tiberius Claudius) to his own
1.3.2 saw himself as Roman
1.4 Client King
1.4.1 had to collect Roman Tax
1.4.2 Keep the Peace
1.5 Built Temples for Neptune and Minerva
1.5.1 publicly declaring loyalty to Roman Army
1.5.2 Cogidubnus thought the emperor was divine and should be worshipped as such
2 Fishbourne Palace
2.1 Built in AD 75
2.2 Four Wings ( North, West, East and South Wings)
2.2.1 The east wing held the entrance to the palace
2.2.2 West wing most beautiful
2.2.3 North and South Wing for Cogidubnus and family, many private gardens anand quarters
2.3 Over 100 luxurious Rooms
2.4 Beautiful large Garden(s)
2.5 Near harbour and originally an army base
2.6.1 Most luxurious wing
2.6.2 Built higher than all the others
2.6.3 where all political meetings and events would take place
2.6.4 Guests gathered here
2.6.5 made big impression on the guests
2.6.6 sublime, beautiful!
2.7 Gardens
2.7.1 water tank which held water for the fountains
2.7.2 Box hedges, grow in Italy, Roman lifestyle Medicinal and beautiful plants grew: rose, sweet sicily, lily, figs, pienni, achantus
2.7.3 Before, Britons, never used gardens for pleasure or beauty but for agriculture!
2.7.4 very important for the palace
2.7.5 italian and roman lifestyle
2.8 Roman Style
2.8.1 features of a typical mediterranean House not ideal for English weather, heating system was later added
2.8.2 many mosaics all around the house they would be selected and then ordered from continental europe
2.8.3 because cogidubnus thought of himself as a roman
2.8.4 Baths were added and it was very symbolic roman area to have!

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