Unit3: Biometrics

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Unit3: Biometrics
1 Verification System
2 Identification System
3 Properties of a biometric feature
3.1 Universality
3.2 Uniquness
3.3 Stability
3.4 Collectability
3.5 Performance
3.6 Acceptability
3.7 Forgery resistance
4 Static
5 Dynamic
6 biometric sample
7 reference template
8 architecture of a biometric system


8.1 Data acquisition module
8.2 Feature extraction module
8.3 Matching module
8.3.1 Identification System compare that with all users
8.3.2 Verification System checks the user biometric data
8.4 Decision module
8.5 Storage module
9 Tolerance Threshold
9.1 Specifies the level of matching accepted
9.2 Accuracy Metrics
9.2.1 false match rate Probability that an individual template provide a match for a different individual False Acceptance rate: an imposter to authenticate
9.2.2 false non-match rate False Rejection Rate
9.2.3 failure-to-enroll rate Proporition of users from total that failed to have repeatble templates
9.2.4 Equal Error Rate : FMR = FNMER
10 Biometric Systems


11 Properties of a good biometric sensor
11.1 detecting if the biometric presented is living tissue
12 Fingerprint Recognition : Products
12.1 Optical fingerprint sensors
12.2 Ultrasound fingerprint sensors
12.3 Chip-based fingerprint sensors
13 Attacks on biometric systems
13.1 @ Enrollement, user can enter false info
13.2 DOS
13.3 Circumvention attack
13.4 coercion attack
13.5 Collusion attack
13.6 covert acquisition

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