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WJEC B Geography

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1 One Planning Issue. Consider the plans, stakeholders and reasons for conflict.
1.1 Reasons for Conflict
1.1.1 may cause urban sprawl. the villages would grow into the countryside and would merge into one. This would ruin the atmosphere and may drive some residents away. Local houses would be worth less.
1.1.2 if the area was spoiled, less tourists would visit- less money.
1.1.3 This would use up greenfield land and would spoil the view and animal habbitats
1.1.4 There would be building chaos- noise dust and dirt, heavy machinery
1.1.5 there would be a lot of extra traffic. Causing extra air and noise pollution, traffic congestion and possibly more accidents
1.1.6 farms would be disturbed
1.1.7 the rural nature of the area would be destroyed and countryside would become suburbanised
1.1.8 transport and other facilities would be overstretched e.g. too many children for the schools.
1.2 Vocabulary.
1.2.1 NIMBY- Not in my Back Yard
1.2.2 Stakeholder - a person with an interest or concern in something.
1.2.3 Greenfield Land - undeveloped land in a city or rural area.
1.2.4 Brownfield Site - land previously used for industrial buildings.
2 The Plans
2.1 5 possible sites for the new housing.
2.2 Sustainable housing communities
2.3 1/3 of the housing will be affordable
2.4 the plans are sensitive to reducing any social, economic and environmental impacts
2.5 in 2004 the council recognised the need for nearly 500,000 new homes to be built in the east of england by 2021
2.6 58,000 of these new houses should be in Suffolk
2.7 a minimum of 10,000 to be constructed in the Suffolk coastal district.
3 Stakeholders
3.1 Different Stakeholders have different opinions. Some have NIMBY attitudes
3.2 Business owner- haulier... i own a large fleet or lorries taking goods in and out of the port. My drivers complain there there is a lack of rest places along the feeder roads. the authority needs to create lorry parks that have toilet and refreshment facilities.
3.3 Elderly Lady... I've lived in this quiet village for 50 years and now i hear they want to build 30 affordable houses. It will change the character or the village. i must try to stop the plans.
3.4 Environmentalist... I've no objection to new housing, not least the building of affordable homes for local people. However they must select a brownfield site, not an area of green belt where we stand to lose more countryside
4 Location
4.1 Suffolk coastal district is east of Ipswich. it is one of 6 rural districts in the county of Suffolk. the large settlement in SCDC is Felixstowe which is approximately 15km to the south of Ipswich

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