ICT Systems

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This is all the 'ICT Systems' Topic Notes I will be revising. If you check my other mindmaps, you should be able to find all my other mindmaps I have created for ICT, French, English, Foodtech, Etc. This is just for last minute revision for myself, if any info is missing please don't hesitate to comment what information you require and I'll add it on.

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ICT Systems
1 System Analysis
1.1 Analysis is all about looking at how a job is done at present and seeing if the job could be done better or more efficiently by upgrading or developing a new system.
2 Types of ICT Systems
2.1 Information
2.1.1 Manage Data Like Stock Systems
2.1.2 Manage Information
2.2 Control
2.2.1 Control Machines Input, Process and Output Like Robots
2.3 Communication
2.3.1 Successful transport of data from one place to another
3 Definition of ICT System
3.1 An ICT system is a set-up consisting of hardware, software, data and the people who use them. It commonly includes communications technology, such as the Internet.
3.2 ICT and computers are not the same thing. Computers are the hardware that is often part of an ICT system.
4 System Life Cycle
4.1 Mnemonic: Four Animals Die In The Desert Every Month
4.2 1. Feasibility Study
4.3 2. Analysis
4.4 3. Design
4.5 4. Implementation
4.6 6. Development
4.7 7. Evaluation
4.8 8. Maintenance
4.9 5.Testing
5 Design
5.1 The next step is to draw up a requirements specification that outlines exactly what the new system will do.
5.1.1 This outlines... what hardware is needed what software is needed what inputs are needed what processing must take place what information needs to be output

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