Cloudstreet Relationships

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Mind Map on Cloudstreet Relationships, created by Jessica 'JessieB on 05/04/2014.

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Jessica 'JessieB
Created by Jessica 'JessieB over 5 years ago
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Cloudstreet Relationships
1 Dolly
1.1 Sam
1.1.1 "Dolly and Sam found the silence companionable at times and there were moments when their eyes actually lit upon each other in Rose's absence." Page 325
2 Oriel and;
2.1 Dolly
2.1.1 "The short, boxy woman slips around gracefully, holding the old beauty up, and turn by turn somethin grows." Narrator about Oriel and Dolly as they dance together, page 321.
2.1.2 "She's as hard as nails" Oriel about Dolly, page 64
2.2 Quick
3 Quick and;
3.1 Rose
3.1.1 "Quick thought of his room at Cloudstreet, the victims dancing on his wall, all the things there were to be stopped." Quick thinking about his future job with Rose.
3.1.2 "They saved their hopes as well as their money and in time they'd be moving to a new life." Page 329
4 Rose and;
4.1 Dolly
4.1.1 "People have 'em, Rose. You always loved Sam more than me. (Dolly to Rose) "He earned it. (Rose to Dolly) Page 353
4.1.2 "Why not, Rose heard herself leap in, you were already the worst mother" Page 354

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