Peace And Conflict

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Peace And Conflict
1 world peace
1.1 The United Nations
1.1.1 impose sanctions on people against world peace
1.1.2 authorising use of force
1.2 Religious orginations
1.2.1 organise protests
1.2.2 raise awareness
1.2.3 interfaith meetings
1.2.4 remove causes
2 Why War occurs
2.1 1. Religion
2.1.1 if a religion is treated badly, another country may step in
2.1.2 different beliefs. Or an area joins another country
2.2 2) Ethnicity
2.2.1 discrimination
2.3 3) Economics
2.3.1 someone has too much money
2.4 4)Politics
2.4.1 different ideals
3 Just wars
3.1 The cause is just, eg. self defence
3.2 The UN says okay
3.3 It is fought to bring about peace
3.4 it is a last resort
3.5 There is a chance of success
3.6 Citizens don't die
4 Attitudes to war
4.1 Christians
4.1.1 NO Jesus said to love thy enemies Do not kill Jesus did not fight when he was arrested innocent die and peace is not caused
4.1.2 Just wars The Church and government say so Jesus did not condemn soldiers we can not just not fight if attacked
4.2 Sikhism
4.2.1 Sikhs have fought to avoid oppression in the past
4.2.2 Promote justice and protect the innocent
4.2.3 The 10th guru formed the khalsa who carry swords to defend truth
4.2.4 Military action should be a last resort
5 Bullying
5.1 Christian
5.1.1 aggression without cause is sin
5.1.2 Mistreating Gods creation
5.1.3 Protect the weak
5.1.4 Treat everyone like Jesus
5.1.5 Bullying is against human right
5.1.6 It has a bad effect on society
5.2 Sikhism
5.2.1 You should respect everyone
5.2.2 manmukh
5.2.3 sinful
5.2.4 mistreating the divine essence
5.2.5 protect the weak and defend human rights
6 Religious conflict between families
6.1 Children no longer wanting religion
6.1.1 Religions tell parents to raise religious kids
6.1.2 Afterlife
6.1.3 Child may sin :(
6.2 Children Love someone of another faith
6.2.1 no religious ceremony
6.2.2 The children :(
6.3 Child is more religious than parent
6.3.1 Child tries to force parents
6.3.2 Child wants to become a priest
6.3.3 Child criticises parents
7 Forgiveness and reconciliation
7.1 Christianty
7.1.1 Jesus died on the cross for this
7.1.2 Jesus said to forgive other
7.1.3 St Paul taught for peace
7.1.4 The Church said to
7.2 Sikhism
7.2.1 Began as Guru Nanak wanted it
7.2.2 Gurus do it
7.2.3 Holy book says to

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