swelling in the leg

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swelling in the leg
1 anatomy of the thigh
1.1 muscles
1.2 femur
1.2.2 ossification proximal shaft=7weeks in utero femoral head=4-6months greater trochanter=2-4 years lesser trochanter=puberty distal 3-6 months
1.3 knee joint
1.3.1 anatomy
1.3.2 physiology flexion extension slight medial and lateral rotations
1.3.3 restriction in the knee joint cartilage injuries and disorders ligament injuries tendon injuries and disorders
1.3.4 physical examination special tests apley's grinding test McMurray's test patellar apprehension test stability tests anterior& posterior drawer tests apley's distraction test collateral ligament stress test
1.4 popliteal region
1.5 femoral artery
2 causes of leg pain and swelling
2.1 bone tumors
2.1.1 types primary benign malignant secondary (metastatic) route hematogenous
2.1.2 osteosarcoma most common in teens and children Males>females site metaphysics of long bones management above knee amputation complications phantom limb pain wound healing infections wound breakdown prognosis removes diseased tissue prevents spread of cancer physiotherapy is needed psychological effect grief and PTSD limb saving surgery prognosis cancer could develop again better quality of life complications infections might need more surgery using internal prosthesis in growing children chemotherapy cisplatin acts like an alkylating agents doxorubicin anticancer antibiotic methotrexate folic acid analog complications anemia hematogenous spread lung prostate breast brain radiologically neo-osteogenesis in subperiosteal layer codman's traingle from the central mass sun burst appearance radioisotope used to indicate abnormal conditions radioactive traces which emit gamma rays from within the body skip lesions tumors nodules growing within the same area of the tumor prognosis dependes on response to treatment age and general health location and size of tumor
2.1.3 investgations WBC count to rule out inflammation and infection hemoglobin test ESR test for anemia caused by cancer chest radiograph to check for metastasis CT MRI
2.1.4 histopathology biopsy needle open
2.1.5 causes inherited gene changes radiation therapy paget's disease
2.2 thigh strain\ injury
2.3 boil
2.4 diabetic muscle infarction
2.5 superficial thrombophlebitis
3 taking consent
3.1 a legal requirement and important for the discussion and decision making during the provision of health care servises
3.2 in case of a minor
3.2.1 the consent is taken fro a substitute giver
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