Business Process Managment

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Created by d.rams over 6 years ago
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Business Process Managment
1 What is it?
1.1 A series or network of value-added activities
1.1.1 Performed by their relevant roles/collaborators
1.1.2 to purposefully achieve a business goal
1.2 Used to
1.2.1 Design
1.2.2 Enact
1.2.3 Control
1.2.4 Analyse
1.3 Combines information technologies with governance methodologies
2 Benefits of adopting BPM
2.1 Increased visibility of a company's activities
2.2 Increased identification of potential areas of optimisation
2.3 Ability to identify bottlenecks
2.4 Reduced lead times
2.5 Better definition of duties and roles in company
2.6 Good tool for fraud prevention, auditing and assessment of regulation
2.7 Increased Efficiency
3 BPM Lifecycle
3.1 Envision
3.2 Assess
3.3 Define
3.4 Execute
3.5 Optimise
4 Flow objects
4.1 Event
4.2 Activity
4.3 Gateway
4.4 Artefacts
4.4.1 Data objects
4.4.2 Group
4.4.3 Annotation
4.5 Connecting objects
4.5.1 Sequence flow
4.5.2 Message Flow
4.5.3 Association
4.6 Swim Lanes
4.6.1 Pools
4.6.2 Lanes

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