Unseen Poetry

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GCSE English Mind Map on Unseen Poetry, created by emily_unsworthx on 05/06/2014.

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Unseen Poetry
1 The mood and atmosphere
1.1 How does it make you feel?
2 Find the words and phrases you find interesting
2.1 The title or the last line in the poem
2.1.1 How they are written
3 The content of the poem
3.1 what they are about?
4 How they are similar and how they different
4.1 The poets? (male or female) The things that they use the same and how they use them are the same and how they are different? (punctuation etc)
5 My response to the poem
5.1 Including how they are similar and how they are different
6 The ideas the poet may have wanted us to think about
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