Joining WW1

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Created by maddieisproductive over 6 years ago
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Joining WW1
1 Joining up
1.1 Many men joined up as they thought the war would be over by Christmas
1.1.1 It was a promise of adventure and a was to get away from home and work It showed pride for their country and showed bravery to their friends and family Propaganda posters convinced men to sign up to fight the atrocities the Germans were doing New recruits were given chocolate or cigarettes Some women would give white feathers to mean who didn't join up as a sign of cowardice
2 Recrutement
2.1 Britain had a small army in 1914 so needed more men
2.1.1 Britain had previously relied on Navy for protection The army they had before WW1 was the British Expeditionary Force and had 120000 men This was not nearly enough to fight the large armies of other countries
3 Constription
3.1 By 1916 thousands of British men had been killed Britain needed more soldiers
3.1.1 There was a shortage of volunteers after news of the war spread The National Registration bill meant people needed to register name and age to see if they were fit for war 3.4 million men in Britain were fit for war but had not volunteered 1916 conscription was introduced to call men up to join the army
4 Pals Battalions
4.1 You could sign up and be in a battalion with your friends
4.1.1 Made recruitment popular Meant whole towns sometimes dies in war
5 Requirements for Soldiers
5.1 Between 18 and 30
5.1.1 At least 5"6 Have a chest measuring 34 inchs Many lied to join the war and boys as young as 13 joined up as birth certificates were rarely inspected

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