Promoting Quality Care -UNFINISHED

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Promoting Quality Care -UNFINISHED
1 Attitudes and Prejudices
1.1 Socialisation
1.1.1 Primary Early in Life Agency Family
1.1.2 Secondary Later in Life Agencies Education Media Work Peers
1.2 Affects of Attitudes and Prejudices
1.2.1 Health and Wellbeing
1.2.2 Self-esteem and Sense of Empowerment
1.2.3 Unfair Treatment Discrimination Direct Indirect
2 Facilitation of Access to Services
3 Values of Care
4 How Organisations Promote Quality Care
5 Rights and Responsibilities of People Who use Services and Providers
5.1 Legislation
5.1.1 Every Child Matters For: Children and Young People Key Features Strengths Weaknesses
5.1.2 Protection of Vulnerable Adults (PoVA) For: Vulnerable Adults Key Features Strengths Weaknesses
5.1.3 Disability Discrimination Act For: People with Disabilities Key Features
5.1.4 Race Relations Act For: Minority Ethnic Groups Key Features Strenths Weaknesses
5.1.5 Sex Discrimination Act For: Men and Women Key Features Strengths Weaknesses
5.1.6 Equality Act For: Everyone Key Features Strengths Weaknesses
5.2 Confidentiality
5.2.1 When a person who uses services is at risk of harm
5.2.2 When others may be at risk of harm
5.2.3 When the person who uses services is at risk of harming others
5.2.4 When the person who uses the services is intending to, or is breaking the law (serious crimes)

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