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1 The view that what is real depends on the mind
1.1 All that exists are minds & their ideas, sensations & thoughts. An idealist is an anti-realist
1.1.1 Berkeley claimed that sense impressions are ideas and that physical objects don't actually exist outside of the mind - they are collections of ideas Concepts have their origin in experience of sense impressions (ideas) E.g. I think I have a concept of 'banana', yet I cannot find anything in the idea of banana after removing what we know of it from the five senses. All that remains after seconary qualities have been removed is the idea of 'banana' Locke: 'Matter is that which I know not what'
1.1.2 The tree makes no noise as sense impressions are ideas and the tree does not exist in itself, if it is not perceived it does not exist
1.1.3 E.g. A blind man cannot have the concept of 'red', since they have never experienced red
1.1.4 There is no possible experience which could lead us to believe in 'material objects', existence consists solely of being perceived
1.1.5 Primary qualities are non-existent, the apple does not exist without our sense impressions of it
2 CRIT(Continued Existence): The apple ceases to exist when the drawer is closed, yet is it rotten when observed again despite not existing
2.1 The tree does is not perceived to be falling in the forest, yet it has fallen since the last observation
3 CRIT(Regularity of the Universe): Idealism gives no explanation for why the universe is so predicatable e.g. why do I expect the apple to still be in the drawer?
3.1 RESP(Berkeley): God plants ideas in our mind whilst continuingly perceiving the world, thereby keeping its existence
3.1.1 CRIT: There is no independent reason to believe in God - this is a dishonest move from Berkeley, similar to thatr of the Christian viewpoint that 'God moves in mysterious ways' RESP: The idea that there is matter existing independently of the mind
4 CRIT(Confusion of Ideas): Ideas of sense impressions are objects of the mind, not acts of the mind. The idealist confuses sense impressions with desires. The objects of perception can only be partly mental
4.1 RESP: The only true mental act is that of will. We cannot will what we want to perceive-it is passive, not an act. The objects of perception are not objects of the world (naive realism). There is no difference betweenthe act of perception & the object of perception

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