Section B: Working Title

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Section B: Working Title
1 Funding
1.1 During 1980s Working Title made 15 films
1.2 As of 2007 Working Title films= distributed by Universal
1.3 35$million is the amount Working Title can spend on a film before consulting Universal
1.3.1 Saftey Net
2 Background
2.1 Working Title - Universal - Vivendi
2.1.1 Working Title 2 (WT2) was set up as a sister company to encourage british film makers Responsible for: Billy Elliot (1999) Didn't need approval for films No longer exists
2.2 Working Title is a bristish based prdocution company based in Lodnon
2.2.1 Founded in 1984 WT has been a british cinematic success story producting feature films and television productions
2.3 1988- Production deal with Polygram
2.3.1 1991- Working Title sets up a hollywood based office 1992- Working Title are brought by Polygram. Sarah Radclyffe leaves to set up her own production company 1994- Four Weddings and a Funeral, a big box office success due to the acess that polygram provided to the U.S market 1998- Polygram brought by Universal a seagram company 2000- The seagram company is then brought by Vivendi (French media conglomerate)
3 Richard Curtis Phenomena
3.1 Working TIlte films which depicit London can be described as very formulaic especially for Richard Curtis depicitions
3.1.1 Curtis's films for Working Title have a recogniseable formula-middle class heroes stuck in romantic predicaments Living in huge London houses using the romantic comedy (rom-com) genre as a showcase for Britian's comedy talents Hugh grant as a prerequiste of his Richard Curtis's films
4 British represention
4.1 Working Title promoted a huge range of british talent- Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth
4.1.1 Sterotypical upper and middle class British humour evident in FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL Typical accents, locations and wealth Gender representation: men= emotionally cold, aloof women= emotionally intelligent Carrie (Andie MacDowell) American and Charles (Hugh Grant) British are prime American and British represenations She is strong, decesisive, glamourous (used to work for vogue) sexually and emotionally confident, assertive and powerful He is a bumbling fool, slightly nerdy, eccentric, charming, unable to commit, strerotypically upper class and British
4.2 Views of London, landmarks, the streets and houses. Portrayal of Londeners. Jobs in London-characters employment
5 Narrative structure
5.1 Four Weddings and a Funeral
5.1.1 unrestricted
5.1.2 Follows Todorov's narrative scale
5.1.3 eqilibirium-diequilbrium-new equilibirum
5.2 Exposistion-development-crisis-resoluton/restored new equibrium
5.3 Working Title aims
5.3.1 Social historical context Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) and Love Actually (2004) have a similar representation of women demonstrated with Carrie (Andie MacDowell), Fiona (Kristen Scott Thomas) and Scarlett (Charlotte Coleman) who all either reach high positions of power within their social groups or are independent individuals Nowadays women are doing the same within the U.S government, Independence, determination and strong will is illuded within the characteristics of all 3. more nations than ever before are led by elected women, presidents and prime ministers Social historical context in Love Actually (2003) is ironically captured in Billy Bob Thornton (U.S president) and Hugh Grant's (Prime Minister) conference the scene was an immitation of George Bush's quote of alliance with Britain following 9/11 The scene was to allude the relationship between Britain and America whilst also presenting Britain as a headstrong nation of which will not fall under bullies
5.3.2 Fellner feels the simple essence of a successful film=good screenplay and a sense of humanirty the main focus of WT films are: character and narrative cross genre films identification and empathy with characters creating an exportable and global industry, supported by universal creating fun, engaging characters even if they're steroetypical or simplistic WT understand they can't ever compete with the active, aggresive hollywood industry
5.4 Nottinghill
5.4.1 unrestricted
5.4.2 equilibrium- diequilibrium-restored new equilbrium
5.5 Love Actually
5.5.1 unrestricted
6 Disability (similarities and differences)
6.1 LOVE ACTUALLY- Michael (Michael Fitzgerald) mentally ill brother of Sarah
6.1.1 strong sense of the value of family here Sarah constantly goes to see him whenever he needs because of the unconditional love she has for her brother
6.2 FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL David (David Bower) deaf brother of Charles (Hugh Grant) finds love with Serena
6.2.1 Serena learn sign language to communicate her feelings to him
6.3 NOTTINGHILL Bella (Gina McKee) Paralysed friend of William (Hugh Grant)
6.3.1 close freind of Will she has a hard time in the wheelchair and unabe to have children but the value of appreciation for what you DO have is strongly evident
7 Love (similarities and differences)
7.1 LOVE ACTUALLY- cue card/boom box love declaration scene
7.1.1 extra diegetic score playing in background as Mark (Andrew Lincoln) expresses undying forbidden love for newly married Julliet (Kiera Knightley extra diegetic score of carollers and cinematography of which pans realistically to read the cue cards and view the two's expressions over the shoulder shots as if we are standing behind Juilett in her doorway= realistic essence to scene being caught off guard by the scene and romantic gesture the audience's mood will be uplifted and feel a part of the special moment between the two the strong theme of love is common within WT films
7.2 NOTTINGHILL- press conference love proclamation
7.2.1 William (Hugh Grant) begins by running through a door having the camera pan his body to then have a POV shot as we follow him into the packed conference room Anna (Julia Roberts) at the centre of the room announces a year long hiatus after taking questions from reporters Will raises his hand inadvertedly proposing she stays longer in England she replies coyly re-announcing her stay in England 'Indefinately' the audience's reaction may feel somewhat relieved that Anna is staying and the two have resolved their difference the audience may feel this way as a result of the relationship that Curtis creates that connects both the character and audience making it feel like your going through their expeirences with them- he does so by showing both the highlights and low points of his characters lifes
7.3.1 Climatic film love declaration scene in the rain between Charles (Hugh Grant) and Carrie (Andie MacDowell) protagonist and love interst have a personal, intimate conversation where they declare their love for one another whilst extra diegetic score plays in the background along with the diegetic sound of raining pouring down around them Inadvertedly after jumping around the prospect of proposing the film sequence ends with Carrie (Andie MacDowell) saying 'I do' The impact on the audience would be touching and sentimental the audience would also be likely to feel relief and closure as the two finally reach middle ground and have confessed their true feelings
8 Focus films
8.1 Love Actually-Director: Mike Newell (1994)
8.1.1 Lead to Working Title's mainstream sucess
8.2 Nottinghill- Director: Rodger Mitchell (1999)
8.3 Four Weddings and a Funeral- Director: Richard Curtis (2003)

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