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Mind Map on Fruit, created by amywilson1996x on 05/08/2014.
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  1. Classification
    1. Citrus-oranges, limes
      1. Berries-raspberries, strawberries
        1. Dried- sultanas, prunes
          1. Hard-apples, pears
            1. Stone-peaches, plums
              1. Miscellanous-kiwi, bananas
              2. Nutritive Value
                1. Protein
                  1. LBV- trace amounts
                  2. Fat
                    1. none except in avocados and olives- polyunsaturated
                    2. Carbohydrates
                      1. unripe- starch
                        1. ripe- sugar-glucose and fructose
                          1. dried- high percentage of sugar
                            1. fibre in skins
                              1. pectin in some fruit
                              2. Vitamins
                                1. C& Carotene in yellow/orange fruits
                                2. Minerals
                                  1. calcuim, some dark fruits have iron
                                  2. Water
                                    1. high- 80-90%
                                  3. Culinary Uses
                                    1. on its own
                                      1. smoothies and juices
                                        1. as a garnish
                                          1. in desserts
                                            1. in jams and preserves
                                            2. Buying
                                              1. buy fruit in season
                                                1. young fruit
                                                  1. fresh- best flavour, colour and texture
                                                    1. check for damage and bruising
                                                      1. options- fresh, tinned, frozen
                                                      2. Storing
                                                        1. use quickly
                                                          1. remove packaging
                                                            1. allow air to circulate
                                                            2. Cooking
                                                              1. softens it and makes it easier to digest
                                                                1. overcooking makes it mushy
                                                                  1. Vit C lost
                                                                    1. loss of colour and flavour
                                                                      1. micro-organisms destroyed
                                                                      2. Changes During Ripening
                                                                        1. starch is converted to fructose
                                                                          1. ezymes-change colour
                                                                            1. pectose changes to pectin then to pectic acid
                                                                              1. ethylene gas given off during ripening
                                                                                1. ezymes, yeast and mould decompose fruit
                                                                                2. Orangic Fruit And Veg
                                                                                  1. most traditional method of farming
                                                                                    1. grown without fertilisers, chemicals or pesticides
                                                                                      1. only natural animal manure and veg waste used
                                                                                        1. good for environment and soil
                                                                                          1. many choice of organic options
                                                                                          2. Retaining Nutrients When Preparing Fruit&Veg
                                                                                            1. use sharp knife-if use blunt oxidase destroys nutrients
                                                                                              1. eat raw with skin on if possible
                                                                                                1. fresh, good quality- avoid cooking
                                                                                                  1. prepare just before cooking
                                                                                                    1. never use bread soda- it destroys vit c
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