Energy and Efficiency

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Created by seth.bragg over 6 years ago
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Energy and Efficiency
1 Forms of energy
1.1 Magnetic
1.1.1 Energy in magnets and electromagnets
1.2 Kinetic
1.2.1 The energy in moving objects
1.3 Heat
1.3.1 A.K.A Thermal energy
1.4 Light
1.4.1 A.K.A Radiant energy
1.5 Gravitational Potential
1.5.1 Stored energy in raised objects
1.6 Chemical
1.6.1 Stored energy in fuel food and batteries
1.7 Sound
1.7.1 Energy released by vibrating objects
1.8 Electrical
1.8.1 Energy in moving charges or static electric charges
1.9 Elastic Potential
1.9.1 Stored energy in squashed or stretched objects
1.10 Nuclear
1.10.1 Stored in the nuclei of atoms
1.11 Most Kids Hate Learning GCSE Energy Names
2 Energy transfer
2.1 Energy can be transferred usefully, stored, or dissipated , but cannot be created or destroyed
2.2 When energy is transferred, only part of it may be usefully transferred; all other energy output is "wasted"
2.2.1 Wasted energy is eventually transferred to the surroundings , which become warmer. The wasted energy energy becomes increasingly spread out and so becomes less useful
3 Calculating Efficiency
3.1 Efficiency= useful energy out/ total energy in (*100%)
3.2 Efficiency= useful power out/ total power in (*100%)

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